road trip: day three

continue reading this no road today,

over here (which is great)

telephone chat lines for sex talk dating masturbation and still no snow.

why do dating apps have so many fake profiles even brown leaves

are shocking in lieu of

what we left just two days ago.

snapped these playing in the yard

while the kids darted here and there.

oh how i can miss what is buried

so deeply under the

drifts at home.

my oldest and her cousin

cozied into the couch

to knit tonight.

such fun.

love seeing them

starting up-

so intent, so new.

i was (almost) exactly

their age when i first knit.

taught them today to

add beads w/dental floss.

what a breath of fresh air

as i watched them

with the endless




inside their

young heads.

‘seeing’ taken from 15:31 in matthew.

sts away from home: played with openwork in berroco ‘remix’. kitchenered ‘tamarisk’.

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