scavenger hunt

cheap beer lyrics the friendly gals at ‘in the loop

buy cheap Pregabalin agreed to give you part of the scoop

coin de rencontre sexe about how the name

aller sur ce site given ‘vashti’ became

my choice, though you might have to snoop.

there’s a giveaway over at wiley starting very soon.

to win a copy of  ‘more knitting in the sun for kids‘ of your own you’ll need to go

to the bookstore link at the ‘in the loop’ blog and then find the website of the author

w/ the featured collection there.  1 of the 3 books on his site’s front page is the answer to

why i named this little hooded allhemp6LUX top ‘vashti‘ in the first place.

(be sure to check out his book ‘the north star’ while you’re there.  so good!)

‘vashti’ also taken from 1:16 in esther.

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