shapes and sizes

buy 20 mg accutane online i had spread the big bag of wooden beads

a fantastic read out on the kitchen island and begun to sort themç.html before i realized how gorgeous the light streaming in the windows was.IMG_9121bri

rencontre sexe travesti i am so happy with how these old wooden beads,

salvaged from a hanging screen that was beyond repair,

look in the big glass jars my mum saved

after we ate skads of sweet fruit salad

out of them as children.IMG_9128sat

i am, admittedly, not much of a cleaner…

so let the spring sorting and regrouping begin!IMG_9130sha

‘sort’ taken from 13:48 of matthew.

2 thoughts on “shapes and sizes

  1. Wood has such lovely qualities, and the light on the beads shows this so well. I love the tubular ones, and don’t the little round ones look like grapes in the bowl? 🙂

    • the light was so sweet that it brought out colors in the wooden beads that i’d never even seen in them before. i thought that the little one’s looked like yummy berries, too.

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