skeins and scenery so last weekend

buy neurontin i was the righthand frontseat rider.

venta de cytotec en bolivia last in out of the five of us (as i always am).

i finished up a new pattern,

and completed 7″ on the back of another

then wound 8 skeins of 3 different yarns into nice balls,

all in the time it took to drive to my grandfather’s 95th birthday.

that yarn has been waiting ‘at the ready’ all week to become something.

i finally started in last night

with the dark on dark variegations

of the plymouth yarn company’s ‘boku’

on size 6 needles and

it’s tried my patience, so very soon.

not the yarn, it’s a funky silk/wool blend

almost like noro i’ve used where the colors melt together.

not the pattern, i’m enjoying watching the little stitches forming row by row.

it’s the ‘little’.

see, i’ve knit with 10.5’s and 13’s lately.

(i’m a huge fan of big needles & what they create)

so to switch, sort of cold turkey, going straight to the 6’s

with no transitional phase of say 8’s in between

is messing a bit with my motivation.

one row on size 13’s is about a 1/2″ high, honestly.

that means once 4 rows are knit, it’s about 2″ high.

progress is so evident and noticeable

that i merrily continue on my way.

it takes me about 12 rows on the 6’s to get that much done.

i’m thinking ‘will i ever finish this row’

‘is it possible i will ever finish…’

guess i’m impatient

at the core.

but i’m done now.

my griping ends here.

there are just so many things i want to try to knit

life feels too short for tiny needles.

mine does, anyway.

‘rider’ taken from 39:18 of job.

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