socks by sunday: day one

my friend julz challenged a few of us on thursday night,

as the first big snowstorm of the year was barrelling down upon us,

to knit a pair of socks by midnight sunday.

any socks, any size, any weight yarn.  only requirement = a pair.

i’m in! as i have been wanting to try ‘rye’ by tincanknits

and this is as good an excuse as any to cast on.

not much to do last night except knit, watch the snow fall, and wrap up to stay warm.

i did all three

with malabrigo rios (in playa).

by bedtime, my socks were done

(you didn’t really think i was gonna say actually ‘done’, did ya?)

from the top down through the cuffs and the ankles.

i have plans to attack the heel flaps first thing in the morning

whether we’re buried completely in snow or not

which i seriously think we could be.


‘done’ taken from 2:3 in genesis.

2 thoughts on “socks by sunday: day one

  1. What a great pattern! I love the look of the garter panel. Now I want to haul out my wip socks. Well, not really. What I truly want to do is begin a pair of Rye socks!!! But I’m still not done my Rivi mittens so that is what I must do. Somehow the knitting mojo is scarce this past week. It will return, though. And then I will have a Rivi for each hand. 🙂 Great socks Tal! Thanks for pointing me to the pattern!

    • the rye socks are part of a set of patterns (all free) to up a person’s knitting skills. patterns range from the socks and a hat to a sweater. great tutorials to go along with them all. since socks have sort of felt like my nemesis, i’m so happy to have found this pattern as well! and here’s to hoping your knitting groove returns soon.

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