socks by sunday: day two it was with some trepidation

purchase furosemide lasix that i took a look at my socks in progress

check early this morning, because

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the light of a new day can

reveal that late night’s knitting was not as much of a ‘ta-da’

as it appeared to be when it was still late at night.

if you’re a knitter, you know what i mean.

but, this morning i awoke to the sound of plows

18″ of fluffy new snowflakes

and last night’s knitting proving to be solid (deep sigh of relief).

today’s goal: heel flaps and heel turns.

it’s just after 5pm now and i have completed both flaps.

hoping for a little quiet tonight to knit through the turns

which will leave me two full days to sail smoothly

though the arches and toes for both feet.

looking good so far.

IMG_2845crop‘new day’ taken from 3:5 in zephaniah.

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