socks by sunday: sunday and done.IMG_3003crop

cytotec buy cheap socks started thursday night.

useful reference socks finished sunday afternoon. now i’ve got happy, happy feet.

only ‘problem’ is

i’m all jazzed up with motivation,

and nothing at hand to apply it to.



perhaps the next

piece in the

indie collection with cey

or winding the swan’s island superwash

that i bought to make these yesterday morning.

or (why not?) maybe both.

IMG_3008cropthanks to julz,

and all the other ‘socks by sunday’ knitters

for lighting the fire under me.  watch me burn…i mean ‘go’.  watch me go.

‘happy’ taken from 15:13 in proverbs.

5 thoughts on “socks by sunday: sunday

  1. You did it!!! Good going. 🙂 I think having Socks by Sunday as an annual thing is a great idea. And guess what!? I finished my Rivis! Yup. I just barrelled through the second one last night, no problem. I love them. They fit so nicely and they are longer up my arm than most of my others. These will be used a great deal. 🙂 Thanks for another super pattern!

    • i did do it, and that feels good.

      the rivi mitts go fast, no? i’ve been wearing my pair over my gloves as it’s been just frigid here and the ribbing snugs up nice with either bare hand or another glove underneath.

      do you have pics of yours somewhere?

      • I posted mine to my rav projects. I love them! They keep that gap between mitten and jacket sleeve covered perfectly. 🙂 They went quickly for sure, although I used a worsted yarn for mine. My friends laugh at me because I love doing things like twisted rib and moss or seed stitch. There’s a rhythm in them for me. I go to some zen zone…. 🙂

    • thanks, julz. especially thanks to you as you’re the one who thought this all up and if not my malabrigo would still just be a pretty skein waiting to be knit. i’m gonna love wearing these tomorrow!

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