flowery spam

there is a lot of spam that arrives daily when you take on a blog.  i’m often not sure what the point of an individual message is, but occasionally i skim through a day’s worth just to see what’s in there. so, the following poetry is brought to you by an anonymous computer program in some unknown cyber location somewhere that generates blog spam. ( i changed the spacing and punctuation and omitted the capital letters, but otherwise this is just the way it came to me.)  not sure just what it means, but it does seem to have something to say.

buy nolvadex canada “sleep that knits

hop over to this web-site in the raveled sleeve associated with care –

price of kamagra oral jelly the actual death of each day’s existence.

aching labor’s bath (a balm associated with hurt);

chief nourisher in life’s banquet.”

‘banquet’ from 22:8-10 in matthew.

rocks found under a clear blue sky, warmed by the summer sun in ocean park, maine.

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