‘laska’ in action

voir ici maintenant this rainy day,

https://www.jobors.com/55208-dte43959-number-1free-usa-dating-site.html after a week of school vacation

packed full of get togethers and extra activities,

my youngest curled himself up snugly

beneath his new blanket.

and fell asleep.

IMG_4731satsweet, tired boy.IMG_4730crop

and adorable, no?IMG_4736sati am biased, i know, but seriously adorable.

‘tired’ taken from 40:30 in isaiah.

square metaphorical ripples

i like to believe

that even our smallest actions count,

that they ripple out and affect people and things that we never even know about.

that’s the little stuff.

then there’s the big stuff, like birth.

at first we mostly change those closest to us because our worlds are so small,

but the more we grow, the more distinctive our impact becomes.

my newest pattern, laska, is all about that.IMG_4275shade

i’m told i think to much.

i am often accused of that.

so be it.

feel free to skip the rest

of my explanation

if this being a pretty blanket is enough for you.

each to his or her own.

in my head, the small center of the blanket represents the beginnings of a person.

the bands of stockinette stitch get wider and wider

with each repeat to show that choices

IMG_4279shadebig and small matter.

they matter

our whole lives through.

the final edge is garter stitch,

intentionally a combo of

the stockinette stitch

and reverse stockinette stitch

of all the other square bands.

as life, i think,

is a result of each thing

that we do or don’t do.¬† symbolism just moves me.

i’m made that way. and i made this.

‘laska’ is polish for ‘grace’.

‘grace’ taken from 22:11 of proverbs.