cey & i: blog tour day 3

when i design,

i live with the pieces.

they spend time with me on the couch,

at the kitchen island, shrouding the to-do list on my desk.

since i was being really particular about the fit of chroma,

it spend a lot of time

in pieces

on the dress form, which i moved room to room.

the kids are so used to this kind of behavior from me

that they hardly notice anymore,IMG_6567 3but it struck me as i took this quick shot one summer afternoon

(as my son and his friend from down the street were building)

that my working form,

clothed in a bias cut dress and the dark teal rocker shrug,

does not do a good job of blending into the background

of the front hallway.

c’est la vie.

today for day 3 of the tour,

check out tabetha hedrick’s blog as she features this shrug

(and just so you know for in the future

tabetha’s always got gorgeous photos of knit things up

for ooh-ing and ahh-ing over).

‘summer’ taken from 26:1-2 of proverbs.

cey & i: zero to sixty

after a drive alone,

with both my thoughts and the music uninterrupted,

this is what i did friday morning:IMG_8045urbsat in the brightly colored conference room at the cey offices

and signed 60 copies of ‘artistic differences’

for classic elite to bring to tnna the first week of january.

after a year of creating all the parts

and collaborating it together

my book will face the world for the first time without me.

safe travels little book.

i’ll catch up with you at vklive ny to hear all your stories.

‘face’ taken from 80:3 of the psalms.


i throw the words ‘tone’, ‘shade’ and ‘tint’ around

using them to describe colors that i think warrant description.

i thought that they were nearly interchangeable.

then on page 17 of my newest knitting book,

(aptly written by margaret radcliffe)

‘the essential guide to color knitting techniques’,

i ran smack dab into these very clear definitions proving how very wrong i’ve been.

mixing a hue with white results in a tint.

mixing a color with grey produces a tone.

mixing a hue with black produces a shade.

now we’re gonna see just how long it takes me to get & to keep

them all straight.  i may just wear page 17 out referring back to it.

‘mixed’ taken from 13:21 of luke.