window of opportunity

my 15 yr old knows.

when i stand at the bottom of the stairs and call up to her,

‘hey jo, can i have your help for just 10 minutes’,

IMG_7973cropshe knows what comes next.

it means i just


a glimpse of the sun

hovering at the treeline,

thinking about

calling it a day.

‘we have about

20 minutes, and then

that gorgeous light

will be gone’, i say.

she knows this, too

because i have said it to her before.

patiently, she comes down (well, patiently for a 15 yr old girl) and

lets me dress her in my cozy coat, place ‘riles’ on her head and fiddle with her hair.

then out we go into the yard.

the last time we did this

we climbed up into the kid’s platform fort.

it was nearly a miss, but we caught the light.

i’m so happy with the dusky look of these photos.IMG_7959sat

the combo of the light

and the glow

of the silk in the yarn

and the muted colors

is exactly what

i envisioned

for this pattern.

thanks for helping

me out, baby girl.

i really appreciate it.


‘caught’ taken from 10:19 of exodus.

and a quick reminder: you have until thursday night at midnight (est),

to leave a comment on yesterday’s post and maybe be a winner of the giveaway.

in the mix

i got all excited when i heard

that phydeaux designs had begun making mini skein sets

(i used the merino/cashmere blend ‘caresse’).

oh, the possibilities with 80 yards each of those different colors.

on tuesday, i’ll release a new pattern using theĀ  minis,

but until then,

here’s a little sneak peek of the wip before it was done.IMG_7939framei’m itching now to play with some more

ideas that cropped up in the knitting of this first one.

between now and tuesday,

be sure to stop back tomorrow for

a giveaway that would make a great gift,

or be just what you need to make a great gift.

more info coming in the morning…

‘itching’ taken from 4:3 of second timothy.