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one day i

saw this great pic

(i think it was on etsy)

of crochet fingerless gloves.

what caught my eye was the horizontal thumb holes.

98e0f81ebe0e658983cde961b084f17clowerhalfthe thought that an elogated buttonhole could work for a thumb,

led me to leap onto an entirely different train of thought.

it meant sleekness (which i love).

it meant that a stitch pattern could be uninterrupted (which i love).

it meant no fussy shaping for a knitter to get bogged down in (which i love).

all that was holding me back from knitting some up

IMG_4066cropwas the matter of how to not lose

the elegance of the simplicity

when adding curves,

because loose, ill-fitting gloves

i really don’t love.

the lycra in the mix of silverspun

easily solved that lingering dilemma.

so i sketched (albeit badly)

and swatched,

and submitted

and waited

and thanks to feel good yarn company,

carrboro became real.

IMG_4797crop2the look book for the full ‘simply silver’ collection can be found here.

the patterns are each sold individually.

‘waited’ taken from 8:10 of genesis.