by the numbers

site de rencontre amoureuse totalement gratuit ok, so my kids don’t ‘paint by number’.

rencontre sexe nord pas de calais the times we’ve tried, they swap all the colors


so their art looks nothing like the box.

i suppose that i’ve encouraged this

by my own example

as i’m not one to follow a pattern or

a set of directions to the letter.

my mum and i are notorious

for going shopping, only to return

with the ‘perfect’ thing.

‘perfect’, that is, once

the sleeves are reworked,

the hem narrowed and shortened,

and the collar removed to rebuild the neckline.

so i guess i come by it naturally, too.

all that to say,

one of my favorite things about creating a pattern

is to see each knitter making it her (or his) own.

changing the length,

adding a second yarn for texture,

or personalizing a mouse’s sweet ears.

my huge congrats to lisa (karmaperdiem)

who won her own copy of moses

and the upcycled yarn to knit him (or her)

from carol over at taddiebeeknitting.

i can’t wait to see who your little mouse turns out to be…

‘example’ taken from 13:15 in john.

wanna win?

i heard you asking for pics

(i really did, k!)

and today i finally took some.


now, you should know

that before patterns

are ‘approved’

at my house

they have to get through

‘quality control’

and i am not

referring to

my own perfectionism here,

although i could be.


it has to

pass by the

‘smell check’,

followed by



strength testing,

and a rating on the ‘kissable’ scale.

now that this little guy,

(yarn courtesy of taddiebeeknitting),

has scampered through all the ‘required’ hoops,

i am pleased to introduce him,

or is it her,

to you.



one of you

is going to name

this tiny creature

(and it’s pattern)?

shall we all have a little contest?

my friend cc thought that might be fun.

anybody wanna give it a try?

i promise a super

prize pack

well, i’ll get back

to finishing the knitting.

you put your thinking caps on

and have at it.

i’m sort of giddy

to see what names you

come up with.

please do enter as many times as you like

by typing a ‘name for the mouse’ in a comment below this

or any other blog post tagged ‘mouse’

(the deadline to enter and pics of the prize can be found here.)

‘quality’ taken from3:13 in first corinthians.