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road trip: day two


day one‘s


still ringing

in our ears,

we sallied forth


the remains of

an ice storm

into rain


ending in

the land without precipitation.

‘where did you put the snow, mama?’

i love

that they think me capable

of erasing

every last bit

of the winter whiteness


that we left

this wonderland

at home sweet home.

and let me just say

that we all felt

exactly like this

to be out of the van

hugging our cousins,

settling in for our visit

and peeling off layers for the warmth.

soundtrack of the day: bill harley’s ‘there’s a pea on my plate’:

there’s a pea on my plate that my mother put there
she knows i don’t like peas but she doesn’t care
she says come on try it now it’s not the worst
if you want some ice cream, you must eat that pea first
and i really did put the pea on my spoon
but i made a mistake and my mouth closed too soon
it slipped off the spoon and fell on to the floor
my mom said don’t worry, she’s got plenty more…

‘warmth’ taken from 19:6 in the psalms.

sts on the road: 3/4 sleeves of a cardi done & 2 skeins of noro kogarashi balled.