kennebec blue and olive

a few months ago,

kelly (of romney ridge farm in maine)

sent me four colors of her new downeast worsted.

we had agreed that i would take the idea of frost farm

on beals island off the maine coast

and capture some of the

memories of her childhood in a hat and mitten set.

my son, upon seeing the yarn, had his own ideas.

‘this,’ my boy told me, ‘is for the bright scarf

that you will make me so i can never get lost’IMG_5721‘and this one, do you see it?,’

IMG_5722‘this one,’ he continued, ‘will be my new coat.  i like green.’IMG_5723‘mama, you can make me a sweater in this one, right?

i want you to. it will be so warm.’IMG_5724‘don’t you think these two will be a nice hat?’IMG_5725‘pay attention, mama.  like this, see?’IMG_5726‘they will look so good together.  can you have it all done by tomorrow?’IMG_5727then he happily headed off to ride his bike up and down

his grandparent’s driveway,

leaving me and my thoughts and all the yummy yarn.

being 4, he quickly forgot what he’d asked for

which is good since

4 skeins of yarn wasn’t nearly enough for the plans

he outlined to me

and they were already earmarked to become

the frost farm hat and mittens.

for more of



check out

kelly’s blog post here.

‘island’ taken from 40:15 of isaiah.

in the meantime

this was yesterday morning waiting for the school bus.IMG_7509cropthis was today’s wait.IMG_7517cropthings change so quickly.

it’s already hard to remember how warm it was last week

and whether or not winter usually starts this early

or if we just want it to wait,

so it feels too early year after year after year.

on a warmer note,'Lind' by Talitha Kuomi

this free pattern

was released today

both on

the knitter’s pride blog

and in german on knit pro.

tomorrow isn’t supposed

to get above 40 degrees all day.

i intend to put my lind on and wear it, pulled down low,

all day as i adjust to the chill,

or longer (until i dig out

my other hats).

‘yesterday’ taken from 8:8-9 of job.


cheesy as this joke is, it has been stuck in my head all morning,

so i decided to stick it in yours as well.


on a sunny saturday, i hear

one ball of romney ridge farm‘s new downeast yarn say to the other:

“why are you sitting way up there?”IMG_5572the other skein of wool answers

(with as much of a smirk as yarn can muster),

“that’s how i roll.”

‘wool’ taken from 31:13 of proverbs.