the outer edges

i like fringe on things.  i like it a lot.

not on everything mind you.  fringe has its place,

but i’m definitely a fan.

the thing is,

i’m also quite anal about it being straight and clean.

at least until it’s worn a bit and goes all boho on its own.

so, i’ve played around with ways to line it up

and found this way the best:IMG_3385shadesat

lay the piece to be fringed

flat on a table

or similar surface.

i like to use

the kitchen island


the light is good there.

tape a piece of

masking tape


IMG_3387brightthe edge to be fringed.

this will be your


your goal is to

keep the edge of

the knitting lined up

with the tape line.

next use a ruler/yardstick/etc

to measure out

however many inches long

you want the fringe to be.

stick a length of tape,IMG_3382shade

parallel to the first piece,

to mark this length

you’ll cut the fringe.

now, if you keep

the end of the knit piece

on the first tape line

and cut on the second,

your fringe will be even.

slick, no?

and the only clean-up to do

is ripping two pieces of tape off of the counter and whisking away a few bits of yarn.

a job well done.

‘fringe’ taken from 26:14 of job.