lien de site Web my friend d wears fingerless gloves.

https://mathieupansard.com/6440-dtf55983-rencontre-sexe-42000.html they look funky and warm and fantastic on her.

so i recently started on a fingerless gloves knitting kick.

i’m sporting a pair knit from the pattern ‘board and batten‘ right now.

the snuggle factor is palpable.

i can tell already

that i’m gonna wear these

until i absolutely wear them out.

the yarn is knit picks shine in sport weight

(there’s beech wood in the mix which feels fab)

but it’s the color that grabs me, pulls at me

and it’s pretty and all but not ‘wow’

or anything like that.

then today it hit me.

these mitts are exactly the same color

as my old favorite sweatshirt

the one from countless family vacations.

my cousins & i all own one (different colors).  mine is a perfect match to these.

funny how i didn’t see that right off.

there are so many photos of me in this shirt over the years,

seems like it would have been obvious.

and fyi, today is the last day to enter to win yarn for your own ‘merciful’ over here.

‘obvious’ taken from 5:25 in first timothy.

el hilo

two of my knitting friends,

m & m, were here last friday.

we were all sitting contentedly

around the island in my kitchen

when m noticed that

all three of us

were knitting with green yarn

from knit picks.

m & i were working

with comfy worsted

(she in grass and i in jalepeno)

while the other m worked

quickly along using

wool of the andes in evergreen.

funny that we all would have picked green projects to work on at the same time, no?

and don’t forget now, there are just two days left to leave a comment here

and be entered to win enough wool of the andes to knit up merciful.

‘picked’ taken from 14:20 in matthew.