slow, but steady

bulky goes fast.

lace weight goes slow.

heavier yarn may hold a chunky kind of drama,

but there is much to be said for the delicate class of the lighter.IMG_7352framei have to keep checking

to make sure i am getting anywhere at all.

i am though.

this hat has doubled in length in the last week and a half.IMG_7349urbsurely, i’ll be wearing it by thanksgiving.

it will be perfect for my family’s ‘post turkey

 dinner walk’ to make room for pie.

yup, 11 inches to go.

‘walk’ taken from 5:10 of judges.

too good not to blurt out

i am tied to the written pattern when i knit.

there are so many interruptions in my every hour.

the idea that i might work straight through something

is quite foreign to this stage of my life.

nevertheless, i’ve been on a quest

for a pattern with enough room to experiment,

yet instinctual enough that it can be done without

constantly referring back to the designer’s notes.

i’d almost got my own new pattern ready

when i stumbled upon ‘scant’

designed by lee meredith.

her take on the top down, any weight, any gauge hat

is nothing short of brilliant.

in my opinion.

she eliminates the need for a gauge swatch.

she outlines the basics of hat design so that any knitter

can aim for a fitted or a slouchy cap with full confidence.

i grabbed my latest yarn acquisition

(madeline tosh dk from the hub mills store) and cast on.IMG_5437cropso happy with how the colorway knit up like stripes partially blurred by speed,

or gusts of wind, or other unexpected motion.

i will be happily knitting lee’s pattern again in the near future.

and did i mention that it’s free?  it is.

no excuses.  go check it out.

‘unexpected’ taken from 25:23 of proverbs.

‘the starry’

super cute little babies (my friends’ girls)

in sweet little star topped hats.

well then, you can’t beat that.

pj & aliyah in 'the starry'

purple toned yarn is raventwist’s sloan in colorway ‘nights in marrakech’

with photos by darcy lyons photography.

photos by kiki taboh

of the blue toned yarn is zitron’s unisono in color #1220.

‘the starry’ taken from 33:6 in the psalms.

cameroon cap

this afternoon i am fact checking,

getting ready to tell you the story

behind billy gibbons and his nudu hat(s).

in the meantime, i have found just the right yarn to knit one up in:

berroco’s new folio.

IMG_3565cropthe combo of the alpaca and rayon here

is so soft and drapy.  i think it will give the little faux dreads

a slew of rock-n-roll personality.

on stage billy wears nudu caps in a few different natural shades.

i picked ‘mount desert’

because it has such a b&w vibe to it.

oh how i love this look.

gibbons-black-white‘story’ taken from 11:14 of acts.

bottom photo from billy f. gibbons facebook page.


a squeeze of slouchy,IMG_3166cropup

with a little

extra dash

of ribbing

(i find that to knit

ribbing in the round

calms & soothes

me to no end).

add in a pinch of spice

(that would be the cables that make up the crown),

and be sure to use a yarn with skads of personality

(i used a bit less than one full skein of ‘farm blend’

from romney ridge farm yarn co. for size l/xl).

mix it all together

and you wind up with ‘zari’, the hat i’ve been dreaming of.

IMG_3209crop4no matter

my mood, it fits.

a little edgy?

this works with

black jeans

and motoboots.

a granola-head

boho spirit

kind of day?

this still fits the bill.

for the way

too common

‘bad hair day’?

absolutely this is the hat i’ve grabbed.

i’ve worn it day after day this cold, frosty winter

and as of today, it’s available here on

maybe i’ll knit another…

‘calm’ taken from 15:18 in proverbs.

inside & out

i found

the pattern

for ‘wurm‘ and

then saw the sweet mods

that jaana made

to it here.


i couldn’t

quite leave

well enough



with maine’s

ocean breezes

urging me ever on,

i shortened a little

and added


at the



it turns out that

my version is totally

reversible.  so fun.

my oldest is

wearing it

inside out


as one good mod

often deserves another,

my 4 yr old now wants one of her own.

have you seen her dear face? i may just have to oblige…

‘inside and out’ taken from 6:14 of genesis.