not like the other

hop over to these guys two skeins of yarn.

buy tretiva online both sport weight, both 75% yak, and

both from the same yarn company, but there the similarities end.


the yak down takes to dying so well. look at what depth the colorways have.

the down is soft, too. so soft. huggable even.

for the himalayan trail, an added

25% of merino leads to lovely stitches

(this yarn shown above in orange #32, brianna).

on the other hand

bijou basin ranch added bamboo to the lhasa wilderness.

(shown above in ruby, #35).

this blend is still wonderfully soft

with the added benefit of bamboo’s anti-microbial effects.

check out how the fiber mix shimmers in the light.


for me the next question always is, ‘what to knit?’

the gauge of the two yarns is close.

close enough to adjust

with a simple needle size change.

with that in mind, i’ve begun

a hat that will be one layer of each yarn.  teamwork.IMG_8640dar2first the himalayan trail, top down and in the round.

it’s even softer knit up than it felt skeined, which i am loving.

exactly what comes next for this hat is a bit vague to me still.

it will definitely be a layer of the silk/yak blend,

but lacy?  or textured?  or…

this is what i love about good yarns and knitting:

the options just stretch out ahead of you like an open stretch of road.

time to turn up the radio, take a deep breath,

and see what lies ahead.

the disclaimer: bijou basin ranch

gave me this yarn to play with, but you know me.  i am

way too stubborn to be influenced toward lies or embellishment by two free

skeins of yarn.  therefore, the opinions expressed here are honest, and truthfully mine.

‘question’ taken from 21:29 of job.