Freudenstadt since i got the results yesterday (of the final design that i’d asked you all the vote for),

i thought it was about time that i fill you in on what went down.

the ‘sun shine sack’ was not one of the top 3 in the watg voting,

'sun shine sack' by talitha kuomi (1)so, now i get to decide what i want

to do with the idea

on my own.


i thought

i’d enlist your help.

are any of you crocheters?

if so, does anyone have an interest

in my putting together a real pattern

(right now it’s scribbled notes on a wrinkled lunch bag)

for this net-like tote?

i was in the top 3 for the #hkminicomp.

i was on the top of the voting for round 1, and held a firm 3rd place in round 2.

so, holla knits will not be publishing my ‘status of the stratus’ mini collection,'status of the stratus' collage

which (ironically) is probably better in the end

because i had more than 3 pieces

that i wanted to include

and now i can go back, firm up the other ideas, find the loveliest yarns out there

and make this an e-book all on my own.

the goal is to finish it for next fall

and i think i’ll stick to it

because i really want to be able to wear these pieces myself

and a few leaves have already changed,

making it already too late to knit them for this fall.

‘leaves’ taken from 4:12 in daniel.

one more chance to be heard

i am finally allowed to tell you

that the mini collection i entered in the holla knits mini competition

is ‘status of the stratus‘. but you’d already guessed that, hadn’t you?'status of the stratus' collagemine made it to the top four collections,

so now there’s more voting.

to help you make your choice (because they’re all

interesting collections by interesting indie designers),

you can click on any of the four main photos shown

to be linked to the full info for each.

also there are some

questions that the four of us answered

and detailed descriptions of the construction and yarns

that we’re each thinking about.

you can vote once a day, but for as many of the four of us as you’d like to.

that’s a fun twist, no?

so take a minute and support indie designers

by placing a vote. i did.

‘tell’ taken from 9:18 of first samuel.