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turn around

when i took a step back

and looked honestly at the progress of my nomadic nights slouch

i could see it was a  good idea gone sideways.

the three very differently textured yarns

that i had chosen so they would

pop individually,

blended together until the personality of each fiber was lost.

ugh. time for plan b.

i lovingly rewound the original skeins for another day,IMG_8829crop

and began again

with three

muted shades of

julie asselin’s ankara.

this is big, squishy

bulky at its


still enjoying holly‘s pattern and now i’m so liking

the finished hat as well.IMG_8810crop

i guess that since

the snow

refuses to hear

my pitiful cries and stop,

that i might get quite a bit of

wear out of my new



‘finished’ taken from 5:4 of luke.


when i am cold

i feel the most motivated

to knit something for myself.

the other night, feeling quite chilly,

i ran into holly priestley‘s ‘nomadic night’s slouch’.

ooh, i love how much personality this hat has

and how much room it gives

each of us individual

knitters to

express ourselves in color and yarn combinations.

in true antiestablishmentarian style,nomad yarns collagei chose three different yarns altogether.

it’s a big ol’ hat, so matching up exact gauge is optional, right?

i almost never would think that,

but in this case

i did and it’s working.

holly’s version is much more colorful than mine,

which in a different mood i might have wanted,IMG_8710upbut right now, all the neutrals and mixed textures sing to me

of varied experiences and how they’ve

shaped me, made me

who i am.

i have worked through the corrugated rib,

and found the colorwork chart to be fabulously simple.

nothing like clarity to make a project feel like it’s flying off the needles!

if i juggle things right today (ie: get the necessary stuff done),

i could have my ‘nomad’ ready

before the storm hits

tomorrow afternoon.

that’s my goal.  we’ll see if i hit it.

‘nomads’ taken from 13:20 of isaiah.

yarns in top photo: (left) hudson valley fiber farm ‘farmstead’ from a local market,

(center) malabrigo ‘twist’ in terron, and (right) classic elite yarns ‘blackthorn’ in alabaster.