cey & i: blog tour, day five

this page imagine with me for a moment.

battleground adult dating sim it’s 2am.

http://yolhaberi.com/59-dte95783-los-angeles-milion-dollar-dating-services.html you had dinner

before sound check began,

which means you haven’t eaten for at least 8 hours,

but it’s 2am.

did i mention that it’s cold out?  yup, it is.

it’s making the cold backstage

before the show seem7365bt

like a better place

to be.


the best

nearby spot

for good food

is chinese.

thing is,

you have to

stand outside to eat.

nothing personal,

it’s a takeout window

and everyone

enjoying the dumplings and crab rangoon at 2am is

standing outside in the cold with you.


you have to eat.

you will never sleep well,

as hungry as you are,

without food

in your belly

and nothing


nearly as good

as piping hot

chinese food

in this very moment.

i didn’t have a sweater

like setto at the time.

if i had, i would have brought it to every cold weather gig.

the squishy cables would have stretched over whatever else i had worn onstage

and the cozy neck would have made my neck feel, well, cozy.

the cables stretch and hug

fitting your particular curves to a ‘t’,

both before, and after, all that chinese food…yum.

head on over to mari chiba’s blog today.  be sure to leave a comment

because you could win your own copy of the pattern for setto

from my book ‘artistic differences’.

tomorrow is another day,

with another tour stop.  you know i’ll have all the info

right over here

just waiting for you.

‘food’ taken from 17:4 of first kings.

both photos courtesy of classic elite yarns.