road trip: day four

ciprofloxacin uk volunteer soundtrack of the day brought to you by lori mckenna attract “my life is pieces of paper defer that i’ll get back to later to tell you a story…”

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“my life is

green grass through snow

sweet reckless hope,

and baby i know

what matters

the most.”

eye candy created by esther of jazzturtle.

2.5 hours alone in the van to think and breathe courtesy of all this knitscene fun.

‘matters’ taken from 4:15 out of first timothy.


returned home

from a glorious and memorable 8 day road trip

just yesterday.

stuffed ufo’s, and show & tell yarn

into my big green ‘life is good’ canvas sack

and hustled off to catch up with the girls at knitting.

had a blast (always do),

but upon lugging my stuff inside at the end of the night,

i was one amazing skein of jazzturtle handspun and a wip ‘aetelier’ cardi short.

searched the van, the driveway and my sack multiple times,

sighed deeply,

and surfed on over to ravelry hoping

for a smile to distract myself.

this is what was there:

mission successful.  big cheshire cat smile, and the missing items, found. ahhh.

(due to laptop breakage the very first night of the trip,

i wasn’t able to blog along the days as i’d planned,

but tomorrow i’ll start catching up on that.)

‘impossible’ taken from 6:18 in hebrews.