cey & i: blog tour day 3

keppra xr price when i design,

i live with the pieces.

they spend time with me on the couch,

at the kitchen island, shrouding the to-do list on my desk.

since i was being really particular about the fit of chroma,

it spend a lot of time

in pieces

on the dress form, which i moved room to room.

the kids are so used to this kind of behavior from me

that they hardly notice anymore,IMG_6567 3but it struck me as i took this quick shot one summer afternoon

(as my son and his friend from down the street were building)

that my working form,

clothed in a bias cut dress and the dark teal rocker shrug,

does not do a good job of blending into the background

of the front hallway.

c’est la vie.

today for day 3 of the tour,

check out tabetha hedrick’s blog as she features this shrug

(and just so you know for in the future

tabetha’s always got gorgeous photos of knit things up

for ooh-ing and ahh-ing over).

‘summer’ taken from 26:1-2 of proverbs.

addendum: remedy for the 4 o’clock slump

note: i intended this post for friday, but it was delayed (in all honesty)

by friday’s 4 o’clock slump.  “so”, you ask, “what is your excuse for yesterday?”

ah, yesterday was saturday.  packed, as always, to the gills…

4pm almost always

finds me well into weary,

lugging my bedraggled to do list limply behind me.

i’m often mentally calculating the hours left

until the kids drift to sleep and the intensity of the physical motion

required of me every few seconds decreases significantly.

tried plain old knitting as a pick me up

and shortly thereafter nodded off

with upright needles still in hand.

i was at a bit of a loss

as it is only those mid-day hours that trip me up.

once it is deeply dark outside the glass

my ‘night owl’ genes kick in and i am good to go for hours.

then poking through a fav lys,

i spotted this.

the only question

was how many colors

it would take

to properly

recharge me

the next time 4pm

came stomping the mud

from its boots into the workings of my mind.

the answer?  four.  four colors and a tall glass of ice water.

and here it is, 4:05 pm yet again.  so i’m off to knit in these rich machine wash tones.

more later. much later. say around midnight.

‘weary’ taken from 25:25 of proverbs.