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let me tell you how it happened

first, the name silverspun

makes me think of spinning a tale

which means i’m going to begin like this…

once upon a time

there was a girl (that’s me)

whose feet were almost always cold.

even in the heat of flip-flop season, her piggies could get icy.

then one day, this girl (still me)

saw these snazzy flip-flops with built in coziness.sanuk3‘whoa’, she thought, ‘those are just what i need, except…

being a mama, she wondered…

how will i wash them clean?’

so she thought, and she thought, and she thought some more

until she realized that she could knit up her own.

yup, sometimes she can miss the obvious.

when she met up with silverspun for the first time,

she knew, ‘this is the yarn for these.’

the feel good yarn company graciously agreed

and the kinston yoga socks were born.
IMG_4823cropflipalthough, truth be told,

i’ve, i mean she’s, never done yoga and has packed her pair

(along with a couple of pair of flip-flops)

for the maine beach town that is calling her name.

more pics on that when i finish packing

and finally get there…

‘graciously’ taken from 33:5 of genesis.