done! gone? and again.

things have really been hopping here.

cousins and holiday preparations and school projects for the kids.

oh, and the final edits of my collection with CEY.

those were done as of yesterday morning.

not quite sure yet what to do with

the free space in my head

from having that

on the way

to print.


for the record, i did finish my lace weight hat in time for thanksgiving

and it wasIMG_7913crop

promptly absconded

by my 15 yr old.

hard to say ‘no’

when it looks

so great on her.

true to form,

i was only

partway through

knitting it up

when my head was

already planning minor design adjustments for the next time around…manos lace hat on sj collagenow, to find a lace weight that i

love as much as i do the manos lace

(or maybe just a different colorway of this same yarn).

then i’m going to start in on another ‘strange loop‘.

this second one will definitely be for me.

most definitely.

‘true’ taken from 16:11 of luke.

disclaimer: manos gave me this yarn to play with, but you know me.

i am way too stubborn to be influenced toward lies or embellishment by one free

skein of yarn.  therefore, the opinions expressed here are honest and truthfully mine.

slow, but steady

bulky goes fast.

lace weight goes slow.

heavier yarn may hold a chunky kind of drama,

but there is much to be said for the delicate class of the lighter.IMG_7352framei have to keep checking

to make sure i am getting anywhere at all.

i am though.

this hat has doubled in length in the last week and a half.IMG_7349urbsurely, i’ll be wearing it by thanksgiving.

it will be perfect for my family’s ‘post turkey

¬†dinner walk’ to make room for pie.

yup, 11 inches to go.

‘walk’ taken from 5:10 of judges.