in the meantime

navigate to this site this was yesterday morning waiting for the school bus.IMG_7509cropthis was today’s wait.IMG_7517cropthings change so quickly. it’s already hard to remember how warm it was last week

what is the legal age limit for dating in florida and whether or not winter usually starts this early

or if we just want it to wait,

so it feels too early year after year after year.

on a warmer note,'Lind' by Talitha Kuomi

this free pattern

was released today

both on

the knitter’s pride blog

and in german on knit pro.

tomorrow isn’t supposed

to get above 40 degrees all day.

i intend to put my lind on and wear it, pulled down low,

all day as i adjust to the chill,

or longer (until i dig out

my other hats).

‘yesterday’ taken from 8:8-9 of job.

no wiggle room

today is not at fast as yesterday.

thank God.  i’m not sure i could have navigated another day like that so soon.

however, today things are crisp.

crisp as in overly clear.

it’s all blindingly black and white.

i prefer this to high speed, don’t get me wrong,IMG_7056 3+++frameblowoutit’s just that i’m still reeling a bit for yesterday

and today calls for action.

lots of action.

deep breath, heartfelt prayer and forging ahead.

perhaps i’ll wake tomorrow to find things feeling more ‘normal’

…whatever ‘normal’ is.

‘tomorrow’ taken from 6:34 of matthew.