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ready to travel

little moses is having a grand adventure.

his pattern (w/ the lovely taddiebeeknitting yarn to make him)

is packed into 50 of the january phat fiber boxes.

at 9am cst and 6pm cst today, 200 boxes will be sold

and in a few days unpacked by the happy buyers.

get a couple of sneak peaks

of the things moses’ pattern will be snuggled in with here.

(thanks to amy of out of step dyeworks.)

fear not, if you aren’t able to scoop up a box

and have a hankering to knit a little cheese loving mousey.

check out carol’s contest to win the pattern and enough

upcycled luxury yarn to knit one of your own.

you have until tuesday to enter.

awfully good stuff.

have fun.

‘peaks’ taken from 95:4 in the psalms.

it’s in the bag, i mean box.

the directions on the little plastic bag

said that our penguins,

if we followed

the directions exactly,

should look just like this.


can you



in my





exactly’ ?

not very likely.

so my two youngest dibbled & dabbled,

rearranged and personalized,

until our penguins looked like this.

they’re jumping, see?

and in the case of little moses the mouse,

whose pattern will be part of the january

phat fiber extravaganza this sunday, the 16th, at 9am and 6pm,

perhaps i should say it’s in fifty out of two hundred boxes, no?

taddiebeeknitting captured all the details here.

‘following’ taken from 4:11 in hebrews.