wanna win?

i heard you asking for pics

(i really did, k!)

and today i finally took some.


now, you should know

that before patterns

are ‘approved’

at my house

they have to get through

‘quality control’

and i am not

referring to

my own perfectionism here,

although i could be.


it has to

pass by the

‘smell check’,

followed by



strength testing,

and a rating on the ‘kissable’ scale.

now that this little guy,

(yarn courtesy of taddiebeeknitting),

has scampered through all the ‘required’ hoops,

i am pleased to introduce him,

or is it her,

to you.



one of you

is going to name

this tiny creature

(and it’s pattern)?

shall we all have a little contest?

my friend cc thought that might be fun.

anybody wanna give it a try?

i promise a super

prize pack

well, i’ll get back

to finishing the knitting.

you put your thinking caps on

and have at it.

i’m sort of giddy

to see what names you

come up with.

please do enter as many times as you like

by typing a ‘name for the mouse’ in a comment below this

or any other blog post tagged ‘mouse’

(the deadline to enter and pics of the prize can be found here.)

‘quality’ taken from3:13 in first corinthians.

to start over

renew: to regain or restore the physical vigor of; to revive.

this is what some people do to things.


of north street crochet,

turns unwanted t-shirts into tarn (aka: t-shirt yarn).

he is meticulous at his craft making it such a pleasure

knitting up  ‘stature‘ with the work of his hands.

tomorrow you will be seeing more of his tarn as

the premiere issue of tangled is released.


of taddie bee knitting,

takes high end sweaters

(whose previous owners have

relegated them to the confines of a thrift store),

unknits them, treats them with tlc (tender loving care),

and makes lovely skeins of luxury yarns at  the ‘nice price’.

she and i have recently started to work together.

she sent the most luscious ivory skeins

and i am writing some patterns

for said luxury yarns.

in the process of tossing out ideas

(last week via ravelry mail)

one stuck with me.

now what started

as this.

has grown

(ever so quickly)

into a work in progress

with it’s own bits of personality

sort of bursting out all over the place.

and do i love being part of all this ‘bringing things into being again’?

yeah, you betcha’.

‘renew’ taken from 51:10 in the psalms.