a new angle

read the full info here the thing about having magazines publish your patterns

why online dating will never work is that so much of it becomes out of my control as a designer.

http://dkb-envi.com/93-dte84790-amature-naked-tallahassee-florida-dating-woman.html in most cases,

they choose the colors,

they rename the pattern, they take the photos, and they rewrite the pattern.

that leaves me, the designer, with the original ideaIMG_8666

and the actual knitting.

no more, no less.

this is not all bad stuff

(unless you’re a bit of a control freak).

i mean,

i’ve knit with colors that i’ve loved

and never would have chosen.

i’ve read my patterns after rewrites and found ways to improve future patterns

that i most likely never would have thought of myself.

i’ve also learned to be stretched by

the look of other people’s interpretations

and to remain open to allowing myself to grow

during the process.

still, i usually have the feeling that there’s stuff i either

wanted the pattern to say or wanted to say about the pattern

that doesn’t get said when it’s published.

that’s what a blog is for, right?

so, here are the myriad of ways that i’d wear the #27 fringed scarf

which you didn’t see in the latest issue of noro magazine:

#27 fringed scarf collageit’s really pretty versatile, isn’t it?

can you tell that i get easily bored and like lots of options?

true fact.

‘stretched’ taken from 38:5 of job.