how to order prednisone online just some snippets of a typical day.

‘over the salt sea’ very early in the morning light

(nice and neat in its brand new ‘cake’ thanks to w and j)

mid-morning snack

a little nerf basketball just because ‘why not?’

literal mud pies (in pie pans and garnished with lawn grass no less)

lunch (they even ate a few vegetables without really noticing)

i said ‘go ahead outside and paint’ while i cleaned up the dishes.

earlier they had been painting the driveway with water in little cups

(sounds crazy, i know, but they were really enjoying themselves).

so, i assumed (there’s the place where i went wrong)

that they knew i meant continue painting with water on the driveway.

they painted with mud on the sides of the house.

next time i will so be more specific.

‘tuesday’ by david wiesner.  i highly recommend it.

swatches in the early evening sun.

(& no, these aren’t part of the mystery kal bag.  that one’s under wraps for now, silly.)

‘very early in the morning’ taken from 16:2 of mark.


i am giving in.

i thought i never would,

but faced with two large skeins

of sappho 1 (1700 yds of lace weight)

the concept of hand winding, which i usually love,

is really just too much.


my mum remembers

winding skeins by hand

with my great grandmother.

my memories are of winding with mum

and lately helping my eldest hand wind her balls.

maybe someday soon i will watch her help her little sister

(or even her brother) wind fiber of their own for projects of their own.

these things make me smile.


to top it all off

i like the way it feels

to see the ball forming in my hands;

the sensation as it slides between my fingers…

still, tonight i will borrow w’s gear

and watch

(both hands off)

as the colors twist and twirl

into the beginnings of my next design

and i’m sure this will make me smile, too.

‘circle’ taken from 26:10 of job.


the rule is that if you’re using markers,

you must have a paper bag underneath you.

but in the excitement of

tape and scissors

and ‘making’

this gets


my son is so very active

that any activity he likes that is still-ish

i back enthusiastically and strongly encourage.

however, nothing short of hovering

(which i know i don’t want)

keeps the island apart

from the overflow.

even as i ripped open both

lovely skeins from the post this week

(and the artwork continued full force in my kitchen)

my mind began to weave and wonder

about just what would be left

on the tabletops of their sunny windowed space

when gryphon and the ‘sanguinites’ call it a day on any given day.

as the walls look down

on the leftover evidence of ‘over the salt sea‘ becoming this

the very planks themselves must long for waves and ocean breezes

feeling the pull of uncharted territory

over the interplay of light and lack

on that everchanging

salty surface.

‘remains’ taken from 8:22 of genesis.