cey & i: the shoot (part 3)

it takes so many people to pull off this kind of a thing.

like claudine who brought extra waters in the morning

and saved me from insanity

with her eagle eye

when i misplaced a small knit accessory

(for the third time) just as it was time for that particular piece’s close-up.

like kim with her cheery smile and boundless energy for getting

whatever needed done, done right

like meg, with an uncanny ability to be there at just the right timeIMG_6577crop

to hold things like the photographer’s light diffuser

and who had her mind’s eye focused on final layout

on a day when i could barely see the nose in front of my face.

and like susan, whose skill at funneling the creative energy in the room

into useful forward motion throughout the day

(among other skills too numerous to list here)

is unparalleled in my experience.

behind the scenes is a fascinating place to learn.

it felt like i crammed for a final,

pulled an all nighter,

and then celebrated the victory,

all between the hours of 8am to 5pm.  what a fabulous ride!

‘pull’ taken from 41:1 of job.

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cey & i: the shoot (part 2)

friday has flown by at a furiously fast pace.

filled to the gills with, well, stuff.

but, my head is still swirling with images and memoriesIMG_6579cropfrom the hours spent below ground level

in cambridge’s club passim

along side (among others) hayleigh and

the talented lesley.

it takes

so much prep

and touching up

to make it all look natural and (ironically) effortless.

‘fast’ taken from 41:17 of job.

(this post is part of an ongoing series,

chronicling my collaboration with classic elite yarns on

an indie collection.  all posts tagged with ‘ aller artistic differences‘ and titled ‘ site de rencontre gratuit nature cey & i‘.)

cey & i: poking about some more

2.5 hours alone, 4 days a week.

that’s how many daylight hours i have

all to myself for each week of july.

it may not sound like much to you

but in my world (at least for the past 14 years)

it’s a landslide.

once the kids were deposited at their activities,

for the entire first week i dabbled.

a little of trying to refind the herbs in what had become a mini jungle,

a little of sorting out children’s drawers to see what really still fit and what did not,

a little playing the piano, writing letters and having a sit in each room of the house

just to reassess the state of things and ponder what is crying out for change.

this second week i ventured out to the local shops.

fyi: any shop seems new without the constant buzz of my kids along for the ride.

threw in some thrift store browsing as well

since i love the adventure of looking for ‘who knows what’

and the little rush of finding something unexpectedly rare.

here are the finds that will most likely make their way

IMG_5635satinto fall’s photo shoot for my collaboration with classic elite yarns.

at this point, i’m nearly done with the styling.

nearly done with the knitting.  well into the grading.

still having ever so much fun.

‘sound’ taken from 4:12-13 of ezra.

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