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can you buy antabuse over the counter

i’ve often considered taking on the 365 day picture challenge

(you take and post one pic a day for a full year)

but, the idea of being that consistent for that long

seemed a bit too much to me.

then i found buy antabuse online safely.

surely, i thought, i can manage a photo a day for a month.

breezed smoothly through the first twelve days.

then i was forced, in a flash,

(pun intended)

to choose between dropping my youngest

or dropping my camera.

baby stayed aloft, camera died at the hands of gravity.

so much for a pic a day…

finding myself unable to manage for long,

without a lens at hand, i hunted down a good deal,

ordered quickly, and the replacement arrived late friday.

as i am getting my footing around how this new one works,

i’ll post days 1-6 today, days 7-13 tomorrow,

and aim toward some catch-up shots later this week,

hope you enjoy seeing them as much as i enjoyed taking them.

day one, something beginning with ‘c’, ‘cellophane’ or ‘cookies’  –  take your pick:

can you order antabuse online

day two, colour:

where can you buy antabuse

day three, breakfast:

where can i buy antabuse in the uk

day four, tv, or ‘what the tv sees of us’:

where can i buy antabuse

day five, 5 o’clock, not my time of day so too bright and a little fuzzy is typical for me:

buy antabuse cheap

day six, a favorite thing, rhythm – especially when played by my 2 yr old’s hand:

where can i buy antabuse onlinebuy antabuse disulfiram