pics to catch up by

description in a valient effort

to put forth my very best effort,

here’s the last i took for day thirteen, ‘where you slept’,

before my camera ended

(it actually rattles inside like a blown light bulb when i shake it

which would be really interesting if it didn’t feel so sad).

…now the idea of actually making up

for the days i missed feels heavy and hard.

since this is supposed to be fun,

i’m gonna pick and choose the days i most wanted

to capture

and happily post them here.

…a compromise toward contentment for me…

day fourteen, man-made, the knitting.  the yellow knitting, see it?:

day twenty, work/play, my boys playing – pretending to ‘work’

(side by side at their big pretend ‘computer’ keyboard):

day twenty-five, sky, see how i snuck another extra tree in this shot?

(see day twenty-seven below to get why this has me smiling):

day twenty-seven, tree, because if you know me at all you know

how i love the bark and the texture and the entirety of trees:

i’ll be doing something like this again,

thanks to my friend sharmane who coaxed me into it this time.

let me just get through Christmas cards and birthdays and the holiday itself.

then i’ll get back to photos everyday.  honest.

‘bark’ taken from one:seven of joel.


i’ve often considered taking on the 365 day picture challenge

(you take and post one pic a day for a full year)

but, the idea of being that consistent for that long

seemed a bit too much to me.

then i found fatmumslim’s november challenge.

surely, i thought, i can manage a photo a day for a month.

breezed smoothly through the first twelve days.

then i was forced, in a flash,

(pun intended)

to choose between dropping my youngest

or dropping my camera.

baby stayed aloft, camera died at the hands of gravity.

so much for a pic a day…

finding myself unable to manage for long,

without a lens at hand, i hunted down a good deal,

ordered quickly, and the replacement arrived late friday.

as i am getting my footing around how this new one works,

i’ll post days 1-6 today, days 7-13 tomorrow,

and aim toward some catch-up shots later this week,

hope you enjoy seeing them as much as i enjoyed taking them.

day one, something beginning with ‘c’, ‘cellophane’ or ‘cookies’  –  take your pick:

day two, colour:

day three, breakfast:

day four, tv, or ‘what the tv sees of us’:

day five, 5 o’clock, not my time of day so too bright and a little fuzzy is typical for me:

day six, a favorite thing, rhythm – especially when played by my 2 yr old’s hand:

‘footing’ taken from thirty-eight:five through seven of job.