the depths

my friend c is about to give birth to her 5th child.

my heart beats a little faster just thinking about that new life.

soon i will hold him in my arms and snuggle him up close to me.

there is nothing else quite like the smell of a brand new little person,

nothing else that pulls quite so hard at my heart as those first tiny cries.

now, my whole being longed to be able to do something

when the chilean miners were trapped suddenly underground

and i ached inside to hear that one of them was about to be a papa

while separated from the world topside by raw earth that could not be moved

fast enough for him to be there for her birth.


in the midst

of that,

her parents

named her

‘esperanza’ (hope).

i want that kind of faith.

the kind that hopes

when the solution

is not at all in sight.

the kind that


no matter what.

the kind that was

not too bitter

and not too afraid

to name her ‘hope’.

so that i will always remember, i have named this scarf ‘esperanza’.

these three cables attached only by horizontal strands of yarn

are somehow strong and beautiful and deep.

i thank God that He chose to rescue every

miner from that deep hole in the earth

where each man found himself

held fast for a time.

‘earth’ taken from 65:5 in the psalms.

photo courtesy of ‘triple c photography’.

skeins and scenery

so last weekend

i was the righthand frontseat rider.

last in out of the five of us (as i always am).

i finished up a new pattern,

and completed 7″ on the back of another

then wound 8 skeins of 3 different yarns into nice balls,

all in the time it took to drive to my grandfather’s 95th birthday.

that yarn has been waiting ‘at the ready’ all week to become something.

i finally started in last night

with the dark on dark variegations

of the plymouth yarn company’s ‘boku’

on size 6 needles and

it’s tried my patience, so very soon.

not the yarn, it’s a funky silk/wool blend

almost like noro i’ve used where the colors melt together.

not the pattern, i’m enjoying watching the little stitches forming row by row.

it’s the ‘little’.

see, i’ve knit with 10.5’s and 13’s lately.

(i’m a huge fan of big needles & what they create)

so to switch, sort of cold turkey, going straight to the 6’s

with no transitional phase of say 8’s in between

is messing a bit with my motivation.

one row on size 13’s is about a 1/2″ high, honestly.

that means once 4 rows are knit, it’s about 2″ high.

progress is so evident and noticeable

that i merrily continue on my way.

it takes me about 12 rows on the 6’s to get that much done.

i’m thinking ‘will i ever finish this row’

‘is it possible i will ever finish…’

guess i’m impatient

at the core.

but i’m done now.

my griping ends here.

there are just so many things i want to try to knit

life feels too short for tiny needles.

mine does, anyway.

‘rider’ taken from 39:18 of job.

wearing a groove

when i skated,

there was only on choice:

old fashioned skates,

but my sj got to choose

‘i want those!’ (in-line skates)

at the roller party i took her to

this past last weekend.

my knitting hung lazily over the rail of the rink

slowly getting longer and longer

as she used every muscle she could muster

to keep herself up and get herself around

over and over and ‘just one more time’ again.

and i was so glad the next morning

when all those muscles that she had called into service were screaming at her

‘ow, ouch and ouchie!’

that my happily knitting by memory fingers

are practiced enough at their craft

to just hum merrily along.


‘choice’ taken from 36:16 in job.

the fourth skein

it seems like once the pattern idea is born,

picking a yarn to knit it in shouldn’t be that hard, right?

i mean i knit a lot,

at least a few minutes of every day if the truth be told,

and after all this time i should know what will work.

shouldn’t i?

but, no.

when the squall of my latest brainstorm had passed,

i assembled the usual suspects and the swatching began.

first up was plymouth yarn company’s

trabajos del peru

this is a semi-solid thick and thin yarn

(semi-solid colors and thick & thinness are two of my favorite things in a yarn)

but the stitches i wanted to use were blurred by the yarn’s strong personality.

malabrigo worsted

(which is actually aran weight, go figure)

was up next.

i bought this solely because the color tugged at me.

the tones in the velvet grape are very rich and deep and …

the stitches were now lost

in the variation of color in this skein.

i actually spent time trying to rework the pattern

determined to make this the perfect project

for just this yarn,

but it wasn’t.

this little ball

of brightly colored cotton would surely work

it isn’t thick and thin.

it’s all one shade (blue sky alpaca’s dyed cotton in ‘cumin’ to be exact).

but alas, the cotton had no elasticity to it leaving the cables flat and the ribbing dull.

down to my last contestant, i cast on turquoise retro by noro.

hopeful and a bit unsure,

much to my surprise it knit along absolutely the way i wanted.

the cables popped,

the ribbing held it’s own,

the smile spread across my face.

there is some color variation in this yarn, but it’s not really different shades.

more like the worn to perfection fade

that your favorite things acquire once they’ve been yours for long enough.

i’m headed back now to the retro and the needles and

the pattern that this combo is working up to be.

knit happy! and be safe this weekend.

‘the fourth’ taken from 1:19 in genesis.

out there

did i ever mention that the pattern

for ‘the boundary of the sea’ now exists in the real world (not just in my head)?

it’s in my little etsy shop and also my store on ravelry.

did i hear a quizzical ‘what’s that?’

‘what’s ravelry?’

if you knit or crochet or might one day like to learn to, you really do want to check it out.

trust me.


so did you

do it?


did you





why not?

come on.

you know you want to…

‘world’ taken from 22:16 in the book of 2nd samuel.

the boundary of the sea

some yarns work for some projects.

some yarns don’t.

i used to think that this was just an excuse of to buy more yarn.

(in some cases i think it still is)

but, it’s also true.

i have been playing around with plymouth yarn company‘s kudo for a few weeks now.

the texture of the silk and cotton mixture is soft.

the blending of the colors is pretty.

at the same time, it could be distracting.

the challenge to find stitches and a shape that the yarn complimented

has kept me knitting and frogging right along at quite a clip.

and now here it is, ‘the boundary of the sea’.

see how the colors ripple and recede like the spot where the waves meet the sand?

i’m very happy with it.

here’s happy birthday to you, mum.

i am so very thankful to have you as mine.

may you always know how much you are loved by me

whenever you wear it.

‘the boundary of the sea’ taken from jeremiah 5:22.

gliding above




my eldest makes balloon animals.  she’s 10 now and she’s really getting good at it.  she wants to make them for all the kids at her brother’s next birthday party.

today she decided to practise.  she asked her sister what she wanted and little edn said ‘weengs ike a boyd’.  so sj set about making up how to make them.

little e flitted and fluttered.  she swooped and swerved.  this was one active creature who they decided later on was indeed a ‘beuty full buter-flie’ with ‘wheegs like a byrd’.

came to mind as she flew about the kitchen that as soon as i learned seagulls have hollow bones (so they can float, literally, on the wind) i wanted to be one.  the question comes up often for some strange reason in my experiences ‘if you could be any animal, what would you be?’.  my answer of  ‘a seagull’ usually gets loud ‘ughs’ and ‘ews’ because these are the birds that eat garbage and dead things on our beaches.  but that doesn’t bother me.  i figure they’re recycling in their own little way and i’m really very big on recycling.

my favorite animal, by the way, is not the seagull.  it’s the giraffe.  but that’s a whole ‘nother story for different rambling kind of day.

besides, they get to ride the breezes above the waves and never have to be concerned about sun block or where they last put their dark glasses.  my paler than pale skin and my absentmindedness are all for that.  just imagine the view they have from up there  and the feeling of physical freedom has to be even more intense than the brief taste of it to be found on a harley with the wind wrapping itself all around every piece you.  i suppose that’s as close as i’ll ever get to flight.  i’m glad to have gotten that close.

and this leads my tangled brain to freedom in knitting.

i took the plunge today

and cut up a skein of kudo.

just started rolling

then snipped

then started a new ball

when the color changed dramatically.

it’s fabulous that all these

can be found in varying intensities in just one skein.

now to decide what and how to paint a ‘picture’ with it.

and lastly,

for those of you who always wondered,

butterflies (at least the ones who land on my couch) do sleep.

‘wings’ taken from 12:14 in the book of revelation.





these are a few of my favorite things

but really.

these are just a few of the things my two youngest kids think that the covered cds i crocheted for the ends of itsybittsysider’s log cabin carrier should be used as.  i may whip up a few more for them to use for toys when i’m ready to assemble with the current ones.

as far as knitting goes, i have often knit with two, or even three, strands of yarn held together.  i like big needles and this is a good way to bulky up most any yarn so i can use them.  but it has always been more than one strand of the same kind of yarn.  this week i’m using knit picks wool of the andes bulky which is plain wool (although calling the great colors it comes in ‘plain’ is quite an understatement).   i’m knitting this together with knit picks suri dream which is light and airy.  the resulting fabric is not really much like either of the yarns knit up seperately.  it’s sturdy like the pure  wool but has this great ‘makes me want to stroke it’ halo to it.  already in my head i have ideas for what else to knit in this combination and i’m not yet done with the pillow…

since i am known for not thinking in a straight line, it should be no surprise that there’s another project in the works (or should i say another new project in the works).  it’s still hush, hush but i can say that the soft touch of plymouth yarn company‘s kudo silk blend is really nice to work with. watching the colors stitch by stitch as they gradually change from light lime green to muted pink to soft brown is fun and there’s a tweediness to the whole skein that really attracts me.

see no evil.

hear no evil.

eat no cookies?

how about have no fear?  there, that’s better.

‘fear’ taken from 23:4 of the psalms.