Pregabalin purchase canada (quirkily: def: done in a quirky way, odd, unusual)

mentax canada i like my neck to be warm.

if not, i’m cold

all over.


so i designed this vest

with a front piece that wraps

around to snuggle the bare skin

between the tips of my hair and the top of my t-shirt.

it’s not meant to close in the front,

think of it like a scarf

with a racerback

rather than a cardi

without any

sleeves to speak of.

i think

it’s the striping

that really kicks

it into overdrive.


or noro,

any bulky,



with variegations

will knit up just fine.

so pick your palette

based on your mood,

or your skin tone

or your favorite jeans

and have at it.

it’s quick

and fun,

so i’m sure

you’ll be glad you did.

‘quick’ taken from 15:22 in luke.


last night my dad stopped by

(we are nextdoor neighbors, so we call and then drop in often)

and found me, slightly chaotic

slightly stressed

trying to pull to the forefront the clear thinking needed

to meet a pattern deadline which was running toward me at breakneck speed.

and he said,

“there is no rest for the …”

now he didn’t pause there,

but i just want to interject that there are many true and appropriate words

he could have ended that sentence with.

words like:


or disorganized

or procrastinators

or even unprepared,

but he didn’t.

he said,

“there is no rest for the talented.”

and that meant more to me than ice water on the hottest day in august.

no matter what age i am, words from my dad have a worth that is beyond estimating.

little girls love their daddy’s love.  and not so little girls, too.

thanks, dad.

‘worth’ taken from 28:18 of job.