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it must be at least two years ago now that i first heard about ‘magic loop’.

my stomach twitched, my knees knocked. and i walked away, fast.

i like dpns.

i know that i am

in the minority here,

but i do like them, sam-i-am.

so why change tools & take the leap into an abyss of unknown?

peer pressure, pure and simple.

two years of ‘you’ll like it’

& ‘there’s nothing to it’

& ‘go ahead, try it’

finally started

to get to me.

still, it was the idea of using size 0’s (for my skew socks) that was the final straw.

can you imagine my tremors at the thought of five size 0 dpns?

off the charts.

so i tasted this new to me technique

and boy am i loving it!

can’t remember now

why i waited at all.

‘tasted’ taken from 16:31 in exodus.