so very, very close

i am not one to underestimate.

i have no intention of running out of yarn. ever.

i buy the extra skein. if i don’t need it, it will become a hat later on.

no frantic calculations at the end. no wondering if there will be enough.

all good.

but, when you’re knitting for a contract

often the company sends the yarn

that they’ve estimated you might need.

usually they’re right.

i’m always amazed that they are,

since i have so much trouble getting it just right myself, but right they are.IMG_8017this time, however, it was close.  really, really close.

forty-six narrow inches from not having enough.

less than a yard

and i admit to sweating

it out more than a little  bit right near the end.

but all’s well the ends well, and this one did.

‘close’ taken from 13:8 of genesis.