a squeeze of slouchy,IMG_3166cropup

with a little

extra dash

of ribbing

(i find that to knit

ribbing in the round

calms & soothes

me to no end).

add in a pinch of spice

(that would be the cables that make up the crown),

and be sure to use a yarn with skads of personality

(i used a bit less than one full skein of ‘farm blend’

from romney ridge farm yarn co. for size l/xl).

mix it all together

and you wind up with ‘zari’, the hat i’ve been dreaming of.

IMG_3209crop4no matter

my mood, it fits.

a little edgy?

this works with

black jeans

and motoboots.

a granola-head

boho spirit

kind of day?

this still fits the bill.

for the way

too common

‘bad hair day’?

absolutely this is the hat i’ve grabbed.

i’ve worn it day after day this cold, frosty winter

and as of today, it’s available here on

maybe i’ll knit another…

‘calm’ taken from 15:18 in proverbs.

sinking in

it’s taken a few days to process,

well, maybe more true to say it’s taken a few days to feel real.

last saturday night, the 12 contestants chosen

to ‘play’ in this year’s fiber factor were announced

and they called my name.


since then skacel put up the compilation video

(of some of the people who applied),

and another with details of

the 1st challenge.

so the tide is rolling in and i am at least knee deep at this point with

late night sketches, torn out magazine pages

bits and bobs of all things at hand that apply

and the general mayhem that means “tal’s on a designing bender,

you’d do best to stay clear”.


i’ll update you as the fiber factor website adds more info

and pics and videos and such.

while i’m pretty busy over here swatching,

you’ll want to watch and vote, no?

details about that coming soon over here.

and to all of you who have already voiced your support,

it means so very much to me.  you have no idea.

your words are gasoline in my tank.

thanks a million.

‘rolling’ taken from 26:27 of proverbs.


last night my dad stopped by

(we are nextdoor neighbors, so we call and then drop in often)

and found me, slightly chaotic

slightly stressed

trying to pull to the forefront the clear thinking needed

to meet a pattern deadline which was running toward me at breakneck speed.

and he said,

“there is no rest for the …”

now he didn’t pause there,

but i just want to interject that there are many true and appropriate words

he could have ended that sentence with.

words like:


or disorganized

or procrastinators

or even unprepared,

but he didn’t.

he said,

“there is no rest for the talented.”

and that meant more to me than ice water on the hottest day in august.

no matter what age i am, words from my dad have a worth that is beyond estimating.

little girls love their daddy’s love.  and not so little girls, too.

thanks, dad.

‘worth’ taken from 28:18 of job.