to be fair,

wendy didn’t really

taunt me with sock yarn.

i might even

have asked her

if she had any of this

particular yarn

after seeing suzanne‘s

project pics on ravelry.


i guess,

in all honesty that my own short attention span is to blame

and not wendy’s generosity in being willing to part with

this amazing sock yarn.

…um, now that i’ve told ‘the rest of the story’,

will some kind knitter please come over and frog the skew sock that i already started?


i’m sure i don’t want to finish it,

but not so sure i can rip all those many rows of tiny, precise stitches out.

where is super grover when you really do need him anyways?

 ‘need’ taken from 16:21 of exodus.


apparently contrast is my achilles heel. remember this?

i do love shibui sock yarn.

it’s soft and i have a

well known weak spot

for semi solid colorways.

still, it doesn’t give my skew socks

the pop!

that i envisioned.

my fingers keep knitting, but all the while my head is saying,

“why are you doing all this work to knit on the bias

when the greens transition so smoothly that the angles hardly show at all?”

then my so called ‘friend’ wendy

offered up this ‘opal hunderwasser

(but would a true friend

really dangle

boldly colored sock yarn

in front of a friend

who was halfway thru her first sock of a pair

in a much more subdued,

or dare i say

even boring by comparison, colorway?)

i am not so sure…

‘comparison’ taken from 3:10 of 2nd corinthians.


like i had said that i would, i had every intention of

posting up a pic of my first sock so far

two full days ago.

it’s true.


i kept thinking,

‘i’ll just finish up this one last repeat and then take the photo’

along with, ‘this will look so much more complete once i do this row…’

so you can see how the knitting happened

but the photo taking did not.

finally sat myself down right in the middle of the kitchen island last night

(as the light is better here than nearly anywhere else)

and snapped these couple of shots.

progress is definitely being made

(do you remember this pic?)

in an ‘i am the turtle,

not at all the hare’

kind of way.

slow, but


‘slow’ taken from 86:15 in the psalms.

particles and a planet

my skew are coming along well.

a good halfway through the first sock now.

feeling so good about knitting socks, that when i stumbled upon

string theory colorworks‘ yarns, with the 8-10 row wide stripes, i quickly picked

the colors of my next three awesomely striped pairs of socks.

top to bottom these are:

continuum in ‘jupiter’

continuum in ‘neutron’

and tachyon in ‘proton’.

this yarn feels as good as it looks and i am thrilled with it!

now i just have to knuckle down and finish the pair of skew.  wip pic here tomorrow.

and no laughing allowed.  i’m going as fast as i can on these ridiculously small sticks…

‘fast’ taken from 2:15 in 2nd thessalonians.


it must be at least two years ago now that i first heard about ‘magic loop’.

my stomach twitched, my knees knocked. and i walked away, fast.

i like dpns.

i know that i am

in the minority here,

but i do like them, sam-i-am.

so why change tools & take the leap into an abyss of unknown?

peer pressure, pure and simple.

two years of ‘you’ll like it’

& ‘there’s nothing to it’

& ‘go ahead, try it’

finally started

to get to me.

still, it was the idea of using size 0’s (for my skew socks) that was the final straw.

can you imagine my tremors at the thought of five size 0 dpns?

off the charts.

so i tasted this new to me technique

and boy am i loving it!

can’t remember now

why i waited at all.

‘tasted’ taken from 16:31 in exodus.

this did not just happen


if i had

spent yesterday

afternoon with my

knitta’s from the taunton s’n’b

i would have (finally) learned

the magic loop technique

and gotten about a big toe worth

of a skew sock done.

now you know tiny needles and thin yarns are not my forte

or my preference by any means

(give me bulky on size 11’s

on any day of the week)

so certainly this did

not just happen.

not at all.


and thanks to fiendishchef for the phone pic.

‘preference’ taken from 21:16 of deuteronomy.