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cey & i: blog tour, day 2

today is boot sock day.

appropriate since it’s 15* outside.

these were designed to go from comfy boots to stage shoes

and back again without a hitch.

trume socks side by sidethey’re as pretty as they are practical.

the angora and nylon in the mix make them super snuggly,

while the rich colors and tweediness keep things interesting.

the rocker style (lighter in these photos) is straight ahead ribbing.

the boho version is wide eyelet lace

to sweeten things up a bit.

either way, they’re cushy and warm.

check out the slate falls press blog today for a chance to win the pattern,

and a discount on it if you don’t want to wait.

joanna also asks me

music related things like ‘if you could be an instrument, what would you be?’.

betcha can’t my guess my answer before you look…

‘straight’ taken from 15:21 in proverbs.


apparently contrast is my achilles heel. remember this?

i do love shibui sock yarn.

it’s soft and i have a

well known weak spot

for semi solid colorways.

still, it doesn’t give my skew socks

the pop!

that i envisioned.

my fingers keep knitting, but all the while my head is saying,

“why are you doing all this work to knit on the bias

when the greens transition so smoothly that the angles hardly show at all?”

then my so called ‘friend’ wendy

offered up this ‘opal hunderwasser

(but would a true friend

really dangle

boldly colored sock yarn

in front of a friend

who was halfway thru her first sock of a pair

in a much more subdued,

or dare i say

even boring by comparison, colorway?)

i am not so sure…

‘comparison’ taken from 3:10 of 2nd corinthians.


like i had said that i would, i had every intention of

posting up a pic of my first sock so far

two full days ago.

it’s true.


i kept thinking,

‘i’ll just finish up this one last repeat and then take the photo’

along with, ‘this will look so much more complete once i do this row…’

so you can see how the knitting happened

but the photo taking did not.

finally sat myself down right in the middle of the kitchen island last night

(as the light is better here than nearly anywhere else)

and snapped these couple of shots.

progress is definitely being made

(do you remember this pic?)

in an ‘i am the turtle,

not at all the hare’

kind of way.

slow, but


‘slow’ taken from 86:15 in the psalms.