one sock in front of the other

in a day and age where ‘magic loop’ is the new black,

IMG_3027shadei know my opinion won’t be popular.


i do not like

knitting small circumferences

on circular needles at all.

up until now,

to avoid the dreaded ‘m. loop’,

i have worked sleeves and fingerless gloves

one at a time on my tried and true double pointeds.



are a bird of

a different color.

last year i finished

one (matching) pair of socks.

this has never happened before.

when i managed to make it through one,

second sock syndrome always blocked

my path to sock number two.

pondering this

(all the while tapping

my chin like winnie-the-pooh does

because it really couldn’t hurt

and i figured it just might help),

it struck me that when i finish sock one, beginning it has blurred by the passing of time.

i’m uncomfortable starting the 2nd when i can’t remember starting the 1st.

IMG_3031cropthe goal is to have them be mostly the same after all.

so i invested in an extra set of double points.

now i can knit the cuff of sock one

then go directly to the cuff

of number two.

next, the straightaway to the ankle of two,

followed by the same bit of one.

i find that the stress i’ve always connected with socks is almost gone doing it this way.

here is is the first week of 2014,

and i’ve already finished my first pair of the year

and started on my pair number two.

for me, that’s unheard of.  makes 2014 look like a huge step forward

IMG_3030shadefor ‘sock knitting tal’.

my tootsies are

just gonna

love me!

‘color(s)’ taken from 17:2 in ezekiel.

socks by sunday: sunday

and done.IMG_3003crop

socks started thursday night.

socks finished sunday afternoon.

now i’ve got happy, happy feet.

only ‘problem’ is

i’m all jazzed up with motivation,

and nothing at hand to apply it to.



perhaps the next

piece in the

indie collection with cey

or winding the swan’s island superwash

that i bought to make these yesterday morning.

or (why not?) maybe both.

IMG_3008cropthanks to julz,

and all the other ‘socks by sunday’ knitters

for lighting the fire under me.  watch me burn…i mean ‘go’.  watch me go.

‘happy’ taken from 15:13 in proverbs.

socks by sunday: one day to go

8:28 pm

finds me in my jammies.

actually, this morning was ‘pajama mama’ morning at lys ‘in the loop’,

so i never got out of my mine all day.  yup.  that rocks.

sock-wise, i am on the final


have done maybe 2″

past the last heel row on both socks.

not at all sure i’ll make the midnight deadline tomorrow,

but i am an awful lot closer to finished socks now

than i was 2 days ago.

also, i heard a rumor this morning

that ‘socks by sunday’ might become an annual thing for the week after new year’s.

IMG_2849urbanjust saying.














‘closer’ taken from 18:24 of proverbs.

socks by sunday: day two

it was with some trepidation

that i took a look at my socks in progress

early this morning, because


the light of a new day can

reveal that late night’s knitting was not as much of a ‘ta-da’

as it appeared to be when it was still late at night.

if you’re a knitter, you know what i mean.

but, this morning i awoke to the sound of plows

18″ of fluffy new snowflakes

and last night’s knitting proving to be solid (deep sigh of relief).

today’s goal: heel flaps and heel turns.

it’s just after 5pm now and i have completed both flaps.

hoping for a little quiet tonight to knit through the turns

which will leave me two full days to sail smoothly

though the arches and toes for both feet.

looking good so far.

IMG_2845crop‘new day’ taken from 3:5 in zephaniah.

socks by sunday: day one

my friend julz challenged a few of us on thursday night,

as the first big snowstorm of the year was barrelling down upon us,

to knit a pair of socks by midnight sunday.

any socks, any size, any weight yarn.  only requirement = a pair.

i’m in! as i have been wanting to try ‘rye’ by tincanknits

and this is as good an excuse as any to cast on.

not much to do last night except knit, watch the snow fall, and wrap up to stay warm.

i did all three

with malabrigo rios (in playa).

by bedtime, my socks were done

(you didn’t really think i was gonna say actually ‘done’, did ya?)

from the top down through the cuffs and the ankles.

i have plans to attack the heel flaps first thing in the morning

whether we’re buried completely in snow or not

which i seriously think we could be.


‘done’ taken from 2:3 in genesis.