what do you get…

http://shotokankaratedovernolien.fr/15345-dtf38158-désolé-outlook-a-rencontré-une-erreur-qui-l-empêche-de-fonctionner.html …when you mix

http://www.immobilier-gelas.com/34784-dtf33971-annonce-rencontre-femme-avec-photo.html leftover mohawk wool,

the brain of my 15 yr old,

flat shell beads (a thrift store find),

about ten minutes of youtube videos,

and a lucet made at the hands of ron from stewart woolery?

IMG_shad‘find’ taken from 7:7 of matthew.


a knitting friend pointed me in the direction

of stewart woolery and ron’s handcrafted wooden accessories.

i’m not necessarily anti-plastic,

i mean we have plastic in the house,

but it’s definitely on the bottom of my preference pile.

wood and stone are at the top of my list.

first thing i’ve tried is a lucet. do you know it?IMG_6501crop

i actually had to look up what one was and how to use it.

then my 14 yr old took over.

a lucet makes great 4 sided cording.

just a little leftover yarn goes a long. long way

(it’s color by kristin in the photos here).IMG_6500sat

she’s done worsted weight so far and

it’s begun to look like sport weight would make amazing

shoelaces or giftwrap ties, or …

later this weekend i’ll be trying out

ron’s sock blockers.

i’ve only ever dried my handknit socks laid out

flat on a towel, so this is going to be fun.

i’ll let you know how it goes.

‘wood’ taken from 2:20 of timothy.