picking the pieces

the yarn is decided.

it’s the yummy ‘yotta’ from julie asselin.

stitch pattern of choice is in the works.  i’ve been playing with ideas.IMG_3852cropi know i want an overall rib, but which rib?

broken rib, mistake rib, 1×1 rib? twisted rib, 5×2 rib?

i am so very undecided,

but the swatching sure is fun.

next, i must choose something quirky (must because i really, really want to).

i want something that will make me want one of my own.

there are so many great patterns out there,

why do i want to spend my time on this one

(besides that it’s a great ‘excuse’

to play with the ‘yotta’)?

i was gathering up the ‘usual suspects’

(buttons, handmade pins, closures)

when i figured out what

i wanted.

IMG_3864shadea zipper.

(get a load of the silver sparkly one!)

not sure which zipper yet,

but i am sure about one being involved

in this newly forming pattern

whatever stitch it winds up being knit with.

but, i’m getting ahead of myself.

one piece at a time.

back to ribbing.

‘ahead’ taken from 14:7 of 1st samuel.


who needs ice cream when i can have this?

freshly arrived from julie asselin, let me introduce you to yotta.


the light is no good now to get the colors to look right, but it’s wowy wow wow!

(the colorway is called ‘fjord’ and the blues are intense in a really good way)

gorgeous.  at least 4 people tried to walk away with it

yesterday during sit ‘n’ knit at in the loop

(i fought them off w/pointy sticks).

have waited, and now it’s time i can finally grab the needles and have at it.

more about what it wants to become soon.

i’ll tell you as soon as it tells me.

‘light’ taken from 28:11 of job.


deep inside

in the dead of winter,

when i begin to feel that i might never get warm again,

i remember summers with my family near the ocean.



Pearl-3+i think about

walks on the beach,

the sun warming

the back of my neck.

these thoughts

bring to mind

that spring

is truly coming.

all the while,

i smile at the

memory of

the childhood hope

that every clam shell

in sight

held a pinkish pearl

patiently waiting

for me, and only me, to find it and set it free.

this scarf, ‘pearl’, was born of those memories

and how i long so for spring.

‘spring’ taken from 29:23 of job.

photos courtesy of classic elite yarns and meg myers.

‘pearl’ is a new pattern by me, available for free in issue #329 of the cey webletter.

the outer edges

i like fringe on things.  i like it a lot.

not on everything mind you.  fringe has its place,

but i’m definitely a fan.

the thing is,

i’m also quite anal about it being straight and clean.

at least until it’s worn a bit and goes all boho on its own.

so, i’ve played around with ways to line it up

and found this way the best:IMG_3385shadesat

lay the piece to be fringed

flat on a table

or similar surface.

i like to use

the kitchen island


the light is good there.

tape a piece of

masking tape


IMG_3387brightthe edge to be fringed.

this will be your


your goal is to

keep the edge of

the knitting lined up

with the tape line.

next use a ruler/yardstick/etc

to measure out

however many inches long

you want the fringe to be.

stick a length of tape,IMG_3382shade

parallel to the first piece,

to mark this length

you’ll cut the fringe.

now, if you keep

the end of the knit piece

on the first tape line

and cut on the second,

your fringe will be even.

slick, no?

and the only clean-up to do

is ripping two pieces of tape off of the counter and whisking away a few bits of yarn.

a job well done.

‘fringe’ taken from 26:14 of job.

double take

this is

my 6 yr old’s take

on my latest design.

he tells me

the person he drew

is singing (as in caroling),

not screaming as it appears.

i think perhaps is is me

wearing the look of shock

that covered my face

when i found that

spud and chloe had

renamed this scarf after me.

such a total surprise!

their pretty model

looks much happier

to be wearing the real thing.

happy and warm

for it is cold out there,

but really,

nobody said

grabbing a new year

by the horns

was for the faint of heart.

so look out 2012,

we’re here!

‘warm’ taken from 44:16 in isaiah.

the un-dreary

today we have clouds and wind, but no rain.

grey, with no relief in sight.  typical new england weather…

but, i have heartening news.

due to the generosity

of  ‘spud & chloe

i am about

to start


little miriam

by the horns

to tweak a bit here

and adjust a tad there

until a grown-up version emerges.

this is ‘outer

in a deep grey

with blue undertones

in all it’s super bulky lushness.

i can’t wait to get the pattern rewritten

and this actual sweater done

as i plan to wear it

all day, every day

all the white winter long…

‘clouds and wind without rain’ taken from 25:14 of proverbs.

the depths

my friend c is about to give birth to her 5th child.

my heart beats a little faster just thinking about that new life.

soon i will hold him in my arms and snuggle him up close to me.

there is nothing else quite like the smell of a brand new little person,

nothing else that pulls quite so hard at my heart as those first tiny cries.

now, my whole being longed to be able to do something

when the chilean miners were trapped suddenly underground

and i ached inside to hear that one of them was about to be a papa

while separated from the world topside by raw earth that could not be moved

fast enough for him to be there for her birth.


in the midst

of that,

her parents

named her

‘esperanza’ (hope).

i want that kind of faith.

the kind that hopes

when the solution

is not at all in sight.

the kind that


no matter what.

the kind that was

not too bitter

and not too afraid

to name her ‘hope’.

so that i will always remember, i have named this scarf ‘esperanza’.

these three cables attached only by horizontal strands of yarn

are somehow strong and beautiful and deep.

i thank God that He chose to rescue every

miner from that deep hole in the earth

where each man found himself

held fast for a time.

‘earth’ taken from 65:5 in the psalms.

photo courtesy of ‘triple c photography’.