will travel

i first saw kate and the yarnit

friday night at vklive in new york city.

this little nugget is so obviously made by a knitter for knitters,10410290_10100171656970027_5694256389859965537_ncropthat it stuck in my mind

despite all the other distracting lovelies in the marketplace that night.

by early saturday, i was sporting one

slung over my right shoulder.

now, you

can read all the great features of the yarnit

over on the website,

but here’s another one that isn’t mentioned:

it’s therapeutic

(unofficially, of course).

i am not very good at waiting in lines,

or walking slowly through a crowd to get where i’m headed.

no, i’m not very good at it at all.

i quickly feel impatient and fidgety

(do you see where i’m going with this?)

but, with the yarnit on, i have knitting at the ready.

my hands are happily busy so my patience kicks in,

leaving my head free to take in the rest of the scene

and enjoy my surroundings.

by saturday night i had finished the cowl

that i brought as great knitting for on the train.

by sunday i had started to design this new hat.IMG_8851cropit’s straightforward and easy to keep track of

while you and your yarnit are on the move.

i am about to write up the decreases

and will post finished pics

as soon as i can.

‘patience’ taken from 7:8 of ecclesiastes.


my friend kat and i

were roomies for vklive in ny.

walking from penn station to central park the next day,

i was struggling to nutshell my feelings about new york city:

the architecture, the experiences and my first time there memories.

as i stumbled over my own thoughts

saying awkwardly

that i felt like i was in the middle of

the histories of so many different cultures and people,

kat opened her mouth and

explained perfectly what i was failing to say well.

‘you are trying to say that new york city’, she said,

‘is like the yarn tasting table swatches at the end of vklive weekend’.

nyc collageever the oblivious one, i said, ‘what?’ and she explained.

at the beginning of the weekend, the yarn tasting tables

each have a full bowl of different yarns

and empty needles.

as the weekend goes along,

hundreds of people stop to ‘taste’.  the first there will cast on.

those who follow will knit or purl or yarnover,

whatever is the most natural to them or

moves them in

the moment.

so, at the end of the weekend,

you wind up with great swatches packed to the brim with

different stitches, different gauges, different personalities

all laid end to end, coexisting in the one knit piece.

those pieces are interesting, a bit quirky, and beautiful in their own way.

yes kat, that’s exactly what i was trying to say

about nyc and my weekend

at vklive ny.


‘walking’ taken from 17:39 of first samuel.