crossway kal

did you know about the fun we had in march?

a bunch of us did a knitalong (kal) over in my ravelry group ‘talitha’s tangles’

for the ‘crossway’ hat.

there was a custom colorway from mrs. crosby

called ‘cloverleaf’ available only through jimmy bean’s wool

(if you love green tonals, there are a few skeins left here),

lots of fun chatter and encouragement and hats.

definitely beautiful knit hats. take a look at our fo’s:

if you missed the fun, no worries.

i’ll be announcing (just about the mid-april)

the next kal

which will start

the first week of may.

this time around we’ll be knitting the depth cowl (in either dk or worsted).

keep an eye out here, or join ‘talitha’s tangles’

so you’re sure not to miss the detail packed

announcement all about that kal.

talk to you soon!

‘knit’ taken from 10:10-12 of job.


gazzal by hobium

they had me at ‘super bulky’,

(and ‘single ply’ didn’t hurt either).

you know how i love a good thick super bulky!

i’d never seen ‘gazzal pure wool’ by hobium before,

but i had been looking for a yarn to knit up into

the ‘leo’ scarf by jen geigley

ever since i bought her newest book

everyday: a casual, modern hand-knit collection‘ at stevenbe‘s pre-vklive party

and i knew right away that the natural colorways

of this 100% australian wool yarn were just what i’d been looking for.

with great stitch definition and oodles of squish,

the neutral colorways of gazzal have all the requirements

of a really good super bulky to me

as if that’s not enough, look at how it knits together.

two thumbs up!

‘looking’ taken from 37:18 of job.

now, time for just a little of the nitty-gritty.

i was given this ‘gazzal’ by hobuim to review,

but, you know me, a free yarn (even a squishy super bulky)

isn’t ever going to make me say that i like what i don’t.

i’m much too stubborn and pig-headed for things like that…

june cashmere

on small family farms

in the mountains of kyrgyzstan

nomadic shepherds tend to the elite goats

whose soft cashmere undercoats are used to make yarn.

and what a yarn this is!

it’s an example of the world’s harshest environments

producing the very softest natural fibers.

img_5911cashmere is, of course, known for it’s softness.

what surprised me about this yarn is its amazing stitch definition.

just look at how the cable motif

from amy van de laar’s

”beeswax mitts’


img_5922i’d rank this new to me cashmere yarn

right up there with my leslie wind cable necklace

and indian lake artisans’ hexagonal wooden needles

(and if you know my taste at all, you know that’s high praise).

want a skein for yourself?

follow this link and enter to win.

i’m ending here, as this lovely yarn is just begging me

to hunker down and knit a bit more before bed…

note: now for just a little of the nitty-gritty.

i was given this skein of june cashmere dk to review,

but, you know me, a free skein of yarn (even if it’s cashmere)

isn’t ever going to make me say that i like what i don’t.

i’m much too stubborn and pig-headed for things like that.

‘soft’ taken from 65: 9-11 in the psalms.


storm has past.  all is well.

yesterday’s rain kept my kids inside

and my 8 yr old wandered into my little workroom.

he was looking politely, so i left him as i went off to tend other fires.

later in the day, he comes to me to say,

‘mama, can you knit me a hat?’

‘sure,’ i say,

‘what color do ya want, bud?’

‘blue,’ he says, ‘lots of different blues, please.’

and i run through my stash in my head and can’t place variegated blues,

i say, ‘i don’t think i have any of that.  sorry.’

‘yes, you do.’ he says, ‘i saw it on the shelf this morning.’

sure enough, he walks in and pulls exactly what he wants out.

IMG_5709tempgreat stuff from knitcircus.  bulky and lots of blues all in one skein.

if the mix of shades didn’t hook me (which they did),

the color name would have.

how can you go wrong with a name like ‘blue skies ahead’?

who wouldn’t want to knit with it.

‘skies’ taken from 26:7 of job.


my daughter

wants to knit a little.

she feels motivated in spurts.

up until now, garter stitch squares

have been her project of choice.  she says,

‘the short little 16 st rows make me feel like i’m getting somewhere’.

this is teenager nearly instant gratification at its peak.

but, i had just one skein of city tweed aran

and she wanted to knit it.

i talked her into

a hat worked in the round:

simple, slightly slouchy, and just her size.

IMG_4098cropthere were starts and stops.

the circular needles felt fidgety to her,

she’d never done knit and purl stitches in the same row before,

and she had to learn k2tog & ssk from scratch to get through to the top.

IMG_4099crop2but her hat came out great.

so worth the effort to learn all the new stuff.

now she wants to knit chemo caps for the local hospital.

i love my kid.  she’s enthusiasm and caring, talent and 14 all rolled into one.

wait’ll you see her sketches tomorrow.

i could learn a few things

from her already.

‘simple’ taken from 20:10 in 2nd kings.

it does a body good

when my kids ask for yarn,

i give it to them (along with some adult supervision)

and i try not to lead or censor, i just watch and see what they’ll do.

our last ‘yarn day’ (because

once i give them a little, they want more and more…sound familiar?)

looked partly like this:

IMG_3558shade‘hey mama, i knit myself!’

IMG_3559rota‘psst, let’s scare mama…hey mama, can you come upstairs for a minute?’

IMG_3569crop‘shh, please.  i’m fishing for a kitten.’

(i only tell you what they tell me.)

fyi: we don’t have a kitten, because papa & i said ‘no’.

IMG_3570cropdeveloping the urge to save some for later (aka: stashing).

eventually, i sent them outside,

yarn in hand.

wanna guess what they did?

they built a ‘laser field’ worthy of a good spy movie

about 2 feet high that covers most of the back yard.

IMG_3749shadeyup, and they involved a young neighbor in the outdoor construction,

so now there’s probably a mom nearby who

can’t figure out why her kid

keeps asking

for yarn.


‘outside’ taken from 10:29 in matthew.


who needs ice cream when i can have this?

freshly arrived from julie asselin, let me introduce you to yotta.


the light is no good now to get the colors to look right, but it’s wowy wow wow!

(the colorway is called ‘fjord’ and the blues are intense in a really good way)

gorgeous.  at least 4 people tried to walk away with it

yesterday during sit ‘n’ knit at in the loop

(i fought them off w/pointy sticks).

have waited, and now it’s time i can finally grab the needles and have at it.

more about what it wants to become soon.

i’ll tell you as soon as it tells me.

‘light’ taken from 28:11 of job.



choosing just one new to me galler yarns’ fiber that i’d like to knit with is ever so hard.

there are just too many great choices.

i did thin the options down to 3,

then i hit a plateau.

my runners up

were jasmine (ahh, silk)

and pashmina (cashmere!)

for the sheer luxury of them,

but they’d be living in a drawer in my real day to day life.

for me the three-way tiebreaker was this question: “what would i knit with it?”

so, in the end

i would choose

peruvian tweed

as the yarn

i’d most like to try.

and i’d knit

the embrace shrug,

or something just like it.

pretty sure i’d feel

as happy as she looks

every time i wore

such soft alpaca.

fyi: color #119

makes me think of

reeses’ peanut butter cups

(how could you go wrong with yarn that looks like a chocolate combo?)

and would go perfectly

with my vintage frye campus boots.

just in case anyone is looking for a gift idea…

don’t forget

you only have until midnight tonight

to enter to win a skein of heather prime alpaca.

check it out at this other post over here.

yarn pics courtesy of galler yarns.

shrug pics taken from the ravelry pattern listing.

‘think’ taken from 4:8 of philippians.


there are yarns that scream to be knit.

for me, heather prime alpaca was too loud to ignore.

this sport weight fiber is spun

into generous skeins

(600 yds each).

i want to live

surrounded by its soft halo.

i could go on and on and…

but the nutshell version

is: this is my

other favorite

galler yarns fiber.

really, it speaks for itself.

and don’t miss the opportunity to win a skein.

leave a comment here, by midnight of saturday the 8th of december.

‘spun’ taken from 35:25 of exodus.



as to my favorite

galler yarns fiber,

i have two (so far).

i’ve recently

had the pleasure to

use asana bulky for

…well, i…

can’t say quite yet, but this yarn is a great balance of things.

now, i’ve always been a fan of the texture of thick and thin yarns.

sometimes, though, the ‘thick’ bits can be so big as to be hard to manage

and the ‘thin’ bits can be almost lace weight leaving gaps in the knitting.

it was a challenge

for me to figure out,

as much as i

liked the textures,

how exactly to use yarn

like that practically.


oh joy,

galler has found

just the right ‘thick’

and paired it with just the right’ thin’.

its name is asana bulky.

loaded with texture.

none of the headache.

to top it all off,

it’s multi tonal and so soft.

pretty brilliant.

don’t forget, enter to win

a 600 yd skein of galler yarns’

heather prime alpaca,

by going back to this post.

‘thick’ taken from twenty-three:seventeen of job.