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apparently contrast is my achilles heel. remember this?

i do love shibui sock yarn.

it’s soft and i have a

well known weak spot

for semi solid colorways.

still, it doesn’t give my skew socks

the pop!

that i envisioned.

my fingers keep knitting, but all the while my head is saying,

“why are you doing all this work to knit on the bias

when the greens transition so smoothly that the angles hardly show at all?”

then my so called ‘friend’ wendy

offered up this ‘opal hunderwasser

(but would a true friend

really dangle

boldly colored sock yarn

in front of a friend

who was halfway thru her first sock of a pair

in a much more subdued,

or dare i say

even boring by comparison, colorway?)

i am not so sure…

‘comparison’ taken from 3:10 of 2nd corinthians.