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3 thoughts on “technology isn’t old school.

  1. My camera doesn’t have a nickname, but our cars do! My car is called Liberty, Libby for short, and the truck is Rooney, because he’s red. LOL We’ve always named our cars. Our dishwasher’s name is Martha. I wonder if you can figure out why? It’s from a biblical story…..

    • my car has a name, too. it’s jude. my kid’s call their papa’s car ‘the car with no name’ because he refuses to name it. ha. my 4 yr old convinced his gramps to name his car ‘goldy’ because it’s gold, so i guess my kid are passing on the car naming thing. smile. and i do get the reference for the dishwasher’s name. so clever and i bet a good reminder of priorities, yes? it would be for me.

      • Definitely a reminder of priorities! I knew you’d get the reference. 🙂 Usually if we tell about our Martha, we get blank stares. Nice to tell someone who understands!

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