where can i buy clomid tablets in south africa i want to knit this.

buy nolvadex tamoxifen i have for a while now,

viagra buy contest but it’s done in lace weight yarn and requires a provisional cast on.

big strong redneck women seeking men these are not two of my favorite things.  i might even loathe them.

 then i found this.

provisionally casting on using a spare needle

or a spare cable from an interchangeable needle set.IMG_6788text


no awkwardly pulling out scrap yarn to free the live stitches,

no fumbling with a crochet hook.

basically no muss, no fuss.

that just left lace weight.

i/m such a fan of big needles and thick yarns.

i like the drama and the speed of that kind of gauge.

lace weight, despite my fears,

has its own allure.

there is a delicacy, a classy finesse it possesses.

manos ‘lace’ possesses those in spades.

i chose fujin because it’s the perfect faded denim color.

my ragged jeans sure could use the sophistication

of this streamlined little hat.

i cast on yesterday,

then found myself in a doctor’s waiting room

for so long that i completed 2″ on 120 teeny tiny stitches.

and i was right about the allure, too.

a sweet older woman crossed the room to sit beside me,

started a conversation about the depth of the color.

then, when she was close enough to see them clearly,

after gently feeling the knit with her fingertips,

she was caught by how

glamorous the wee stitches were in such a fine yarn.

‘glamorous’ is certainly a motivating thought.

so, if i don’t allow thoughts about how very delicate each stitch is

(because it quickly starts to freak me out),

i’m enjoying this project immensely

and am very much looking forward to wearing

the elegant hat

in the end.

2 thoughts on “temporarily

  1. Hmmmm…. provisional cast on and lace weight. Not some of my favorite things either! I like the idea of the needle provisional cast on. Thanks for the link! I like the pattern a lot, too. 🙂

    • i cast onto a spare circular needle this time, but my friend wendy suggested that it might be good next time to cast onto the cable of an interchangeable needle set so i could put the end caps on. no worries that way about the stitches coming off as i’m knitting on the other end and less long needle hanging off than i have now. next time…

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