testing 1, 2, 3

karla fitch has adorable crochet patterns.

i really had a blast making her  where can i buy orlistat fairy hideaway,

and when i told my kids i’d made the purchase Lyrica online amigurumi piggie holiday ornament as a gift

they all but begged me not to give her away. 

actually they did beg me,

then they compromised saying it was ‘ok’

as long as i made 3 more (1 for each of them).


started test knitting her newest design, a log cabin carrier for little creatures, with partial skeins of  Knit Picks yarn yesterday.  i think i’ll name mine ‘shelter’.  i’ve just finished the part that requires 2 old cd’s (finally a use for those aol promo cd’s i got in the mail and have been saving for so long).  it’s really clever and it totally works to add the strength this toy needs.

photos coming soon … maybe tomorrow. 

now if i can just keep my youngest from figuring out what i’m doing (i hope i can by putting it all together at night while she sleeps), it can be a gift for her ‘just around the corner’ birthday.  shh…


and big thanks go out to karla for letting me play with her newest idea.

i’m having such fun. 


‘shelter’ is taken from 27:5 of the psalms

1 thought on “testing 1, 2, 3

  1. Cute cute Tal! What a brilliant use for old CDs….maybe I’ll make one to finally get a use for all of those Windows 95-era games!

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