that elusive ‘little extra something’

discover here for those of you who saw my first mentoring video with josh bennett

coumadin quanto costa (posted yesterday on the fiber factor website),

you can maybe guess where this post is going.

with the deadline ticking ever loudly in my ears, josh

has managed to fill my head with ideas

for one final tweak to ‘buzzz’.

talked to him late monday morning.

sketched monday afternoon.  narrowed the possibilities down to these:

IMG_1703cropat the top of the pic is my cable motif

(meant to represent a spring being sprung and releasing its energy)

the bottom is my rough ideas for how to extend the colorwork of the spring

up the sleeve a little for added pizazz.

i have to mail this sweater off in about 36 hours

so this is definitely down to the wire for me.

in this case, let’s try something i’ve learned about myself

in the last 5 months through the fiber factor competition.

turns out that paying attention to how i react to someone’s opinion or idea

actually tells me a lot about what my gut really likes and doesn’t.

who knew?

go ahead and tell me what you think.

it will so help me know what i think so i can get this finished,

and into the post on time.


‘rough’ taken from 42:16 in isaiah.


5 thoughts on “that elusive ‘little extra something’

  1. I like the second one from the left. It seems to represent the build up of the energy of the spring. 🙂 Interesting idea!

    • thanks for your input, samm. of all the things people have written, both publicly and privately, the middle two seem to be the most preferred. i prefer those 2 as well.

      i’m finishing up the seaming this morning. maybe i’ll try each of the middle 2 on a separate sleeve and see what screams ‘this is it!’…so don’t worry if you hear screaming. smile.

    • after traipsing around to all the kid’s open houses (first day of school tomorrow), i’m just sitting down now try actually stitching something on to see it in ‘real life’…

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